Please follow the instructions below carefully. Any mugshots that do not conform to the guidelines will not be used. Make sure to read the F.A.Q to your right if you are unsure of anything to do with submitting your mug.


Download the PSD template > Mac      PC

STEP 2: Place your image under the Border layer and position it accordingly. Your image must be a recent photo showing the majority of your face.

WARNING: DO NOT add any design elements to your image. This includes typography, filters, colour changes and any other graphic element. Your Mugshot will not be used if any graphics are added. Please see the Mugshot F.A.Q to your right for more info on this.

STEP 3: Save your image as a JPG file at aprroximately 60% quality. Make sure it is no bigger than 30k in file size.

STEP 4: Name the file with your first and last names. Eg. bob_smith.jpg. Please make sure to name the file in this way as we do not want to receive 100 mugshots called mugshot.jpg or similar as it makes identifying them very difficult.

WARNING: DO NOT send your mugshot more than once. If you send it more than once it will be deleted and will not be added to the site.

Please make sure to optimise your image. It should be no bigger than 30k in file size.

STEP 5: Email it to . Please make sure to include your full name and URL (if you have one).

STEP 6: Sit back, relax and check the site every now and then to see if your mug is up. We have a lot to add so it may take a little while but it will get there eventually :)



Q: I sent my Mugshot ages ago, why hasn't it been posted?
A: We have received a huge amount of mugshots over the last 6mths or so. There are over 500 waiting to be posted and we receive more every day. Therefore it will take a little time for your mug to be added. However now that the section is all database driven we will be able to add them much quicker. Please do not send your Mugshot more than once as this will just delay it being added.

Q: How often do you update Mugshots?
A: We try and update Mugshots whenever we have some spare time. This could mean once a day or once a week depending on how busy we are at the time. Now that it is much easier to update via the database we will be updating more frequently. We will now update as many mugs as we can at the time (this could mean 1 to 1000), not the usual page worth (24) that we used to do.

Q: Why can't I put graphics on my Mugshot?
A: Mugshots is a section set up to see the face behind the designs. It is not a section for you to show off your graphic skills. We want to see your face in all its glory, not hidden behind graphics or text. Therefore we do not accept any mugshots with graphics.

Q: There are Mugshots on the site that have graphics on them, why are they allowed?
A: When we first started Mugshots we were not quite so strict about this rule and let people slip by. The large volume of mugs coming in also made it difficult for us to contact people about it. However we have since become more strict with this rule and will not accept mugs that have graphics on them any more.

Q: Can I send a cartoon image of me? Or a photo of when I was a baby?
A: No. Your mugshot must be a photo of yourself showing the majority of your face and must be fairly recent. Your mug will not be used if we cannot see your face properly.

Q: What's this Mood thing about?
A: The Mood sorting element of Mugshots is not to be taken too seriously. We feel that it adds an extra fun and interesting way to categorise and sort the mugs. The Mood chosen for each person is not meant to be a statement on their personality, it is simply chosen to match the look they have in their image. If you do not like the Mood chosen for your image please feel free to email us and tell us why.

Q: Can I change my mugshot/URL once it is posted?
A: Yes you can. Simply email the new URL or mugshot (making sure to use the template to your left) and include your name and details so we can find your current mug. Make sure to let us know clearly that you are changing your current mug so that we do not think it is a new one.

Q: Can I send a naked shot of myself?
A: If you don't mind thousands of people seeing you naked then go right ahead. We're not shy. But remember, it has to conform to the rules above and no hardcore Porn please.